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Director Of Music Job Description

First Presbyterian Church – Plainview TX

Director of Music Job Description
The Director of Music for FPC operates under the supervision of, and in conjunction with, the Head of Staff and shall be responsible for the following tasks.
  • To provide, or arrange for the provision of, appropriate music for ALL services as designated by the Head of Staff. Rehearse and direct the church choir, and for those services when the standing choir is not required, the Director shall arrange for suitable (live) music in the form of vocal and/or instrumental solos or ensembles. Any given service may have a combination of all the above, though the choir is expected to be present August-May. All music performed must be well prepared.

  • Prepare one major production per year in the form of a Cantata, etc.

  • When choosing music the Director shall be mindful of the liturgical season, scriptural text, sacraments, special emphasis, and/or pastor’s sermon or other events in the life of the church. Special services such as Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, etc. may need special attention.

  • Work closely with the Church Organist on all matters, taking into account his/her needs.

  • Work closely with the church administrator in preparing the weekly bulletin by providing the appropriate information in a timely fashion.

  • Maintain and expand the music library of FPC as the budget allows. Arrange for the maintenance of choir robes and stoles. Keep the choir room and choir loft organized, efficient and presentable at all times making sure hymnals, bibles, etc. are in place for use by the choir.

  • Continually search for and recruit additional choir members from the 7th grade through adults.

  • Attend to other music related duties as assigned by the Head of Staff.

The Director shall be allowed four weeks per year of vacation time--a ‘week’ includes both the services for that week as well as the rehearsals.  HOWEVER, the Director will still be responsible for the music during those services and must plan and prearrange accordingly so the church is not without the appropriate music for any service of the year.  Preferably the Director will be present for all major church holidays though it is understood that circumstances may occasionally intervene.

The Director shall be a member ex-officio of the Worship and Music committee, shall attend all committee meetings as called by the moderator, and shall participate fully as a voting member of the committee.