Pastor's Update, October 31

posted Nov 6, 2014, 12:22 PM by David Hawkins
Well, there’s definitely something spooky in the air, or maybe that’s just the forecast for the cold front moving in to drop us into the low thirties tonight. Dress warm!

We have a couple of announcements from the office today:

Remember that Daylight Savings Time is ending this Sunday (Nov. 2) morning at 2:00 AM!! On the other hand, if you forget, you’ll be at church an hour early, which isn’t so bad. If that happens, stop by the parlor and join Dee Rice’s bible study class at 9:15. For those of you in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace class, we will be picking it up again this Sunday at 8:30 (sharp!).

The Choir has begun its preparations for our Christmas Cantata, and we would love to include as many singers as possible for this annual joyful event. If you would like to join us for this season, please come to rehearsal at 6:45 (sharp!). We will rehearse Christmas music first, and then those who would like to stay and sing the Sunday anthem music can stick around for that, or you can go home. Believe me, it’s more fun to stick around! Anyway, we need your voices! Especially sopranos!

If you would like to participate in putting together a devotional booklet for advent, please let Karen in the office know what day(s) you would like to take. She is keeping the list, and we need contributors. Feel free to write more than one devotion.

Just a reminder to the elders to have your committees review your budgets and turn them in to Karen so that she can put them together for the stewardship committee to review before the session votes on it.

We will have a potluck after church this Sunday, and you can go with a Halloween theme, or a Reformation Sunday theme, your choice! Gaylen has already told us that he is predestined to make buttermilk pies, which sound extremely Calvinistic to me.

No session this Sunday! Our next meeting will be on November 23 and will focus on the budget. We will meet right after church, and I will provide lunch.