Pastor's Update, October 25, 2014

posted Nov 6, 2014, 12:22 PM by David Hawkins
Well, this morning, it was in the low 40’s, but this afternoon it’s supposed to get into the 80’s. It must be Fall!

Just a few things to remember from the office. This Sunday, we will begin our stewardship campaign with some announcements and testimonials (‘Stewardship Seconds’) about what we think about the issues of money and tithing and stewardship in the church. This Sunday’s worship will also include our two ‘Commissioned Ruling Elders’ (what used to be called “Lay Pastors’) leading worship. Dee Rice will preach and Bill Coleman will lead the music from the piano.

This Saturday, I will be leading worship and coordinating the schedule at the presbytery meeting in Lubbock. This is a special meeting called specifically for the purpose of discussing (or maybe first cussing and then discussing) and voting on the amendments to the Book of Order and the Book of Confessions that were passed by the General Assembly this last summer (which our own Brian Adamson attended as a Young Adult Advisory Delegate).

Some of these amendments are innocuous (cleaning up language regarding who exactly the ‘presbytery of care’ is for a candidate for ordination, along with clarifying the procedures for evaluating their qualifications), and some of them are less so (changing the definition of marriage to include same sex couples). I have heard from some of you regarding your feelings about these issues. If you haven’t yet talked to me, but have some reservations, I would love hear what you have to say. For a complete breakdown of the amendments, along with some analysis of them, please click on these links: Marriage; Everything Else.