Pastor's Update, November 20, 2015

posted Jul 12, 2016, 12:00 PM by David Hawkins
Just a couple of reminders from the office:

Please remember to bring your pledge cards for next year to church this Sunday! The session will be getting together to plan next years' budget, and the pledge cards are a big part of that process.

If you are headed to the mountains any time soon, please bring back some pine cones. The Presbyterian Women's group is planning to create some crafty Christmas ornaments, and they need about 35 medium-size strobili pinaceae. Female cones are preferred. 

We will be 'hanging the greens' (decorating the church for Christmas) on the Saturday after Thanksgiving at 3:00. Come join us for this special time of making the church ready for the most beautiful time of year! There will be non-turkey type food afterward.

The annual cobbler chaos is almost complete! We have had a wonderful turnout of folks who are willing to see what it's like to cook cobblers on an industrial scale, and we should be able to provide a yummy dessert for about 800 people at the Community Thanksgiving dinner on Monday. If you are cooking a cobbler or 10, God bless you, and make sure you bring your cooked cobbler (thawed or frozen) to the church by 3:00 PMMonday, the 23rd. You can bring it to the church earlier if you like. If your cobbler is frozen, make sure it's here by the morning latest on Monday so that we have time to thaw it before we take it to the Ollie Liner Center (they may or may not have stoves). Thanks again to all those brave souls who are supplying the cobblers! What a project!!