Pastor's Update, March 31, 2016

posted Jul 12, 2016, 12:08 PM by David Hawkins
Hello to all my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ,

First, let me say how grateful I am for your expressions of love and sympathy during last week. My family and I appreciate so much your support as I went to Colorado to officiate at the funeral of my Grandmother. Thank you for your welcome of Rev. Rich Schempp, Executive Presbyter of Palo Duro Presbytery, on Good Friday, and special thanks to Chris Lewellen and Parker Adamson for holding things together in my absence. You all are wonderful, and I love you!

This Sunday, we will NOT have a potluck. The monthly fellowship meal for April will take place the following Sunday (April 10), and it will be the annual Enchilada Youth Fundraiser. This year, the menu may even expand a little bit to include various diets, i.e. Kidney friendly, heart friendly, sun-diets, breath-arian-ismMoon dietTongue patch,  Fletcherism  kanga-tarian-ism (it's exactly what it sounds like), the Corbuzier, and so forth. You know, the standards. There is even a rumor that somebody might be making their famous fish tacos with orange juice/Serrano chili salsa. 

This Sunday, we WILL be having communion, and we will also be welcoming some of the new members class, so that should be exciting. 

Also this Sunday, one of our prospective new members, Carolyn Thaxton, will begin a short-term, multi-week class on the "Theology of Music in Worship" during Sunday School at 9:15. Carolyn is a music/religion major at WBU, and was directed to this congregation by her Dean of Music to teach a class as part of her requirements in Supervised Ministry. 

During her time getting to know us over the last couple of months, Caroline has felt called to become part of the congregation. Isn't that wonderful!? I think her class will be an interesting look at why we sing what we sing, and the thought process behind the music we offer in worship, as well as a way to get to know each other even better.

Again, thank you all for a wonderful Holy Week/Easter celebration. Let us live lives that reflect the glory of our Lord, who is risen indeed!