Pastor's Update, June 9, 2016

posted Jul 12, 2016, 12:14 PM by David Hawkins
Hello Friends!

For the next few weeks, Karen and I will be out of the office on Mon-Wed-Fri to attend home dialysis training in Lubbock. I will be receiving treatments down there while learning how to operate the machines and deal with any alarms and emergencies. At the end of the training, I will be bringing a nice, shiny, new 2008K@Home dialysis machine home with me, and will be able change my own oil in the comfort and privacy of my own recliner in front of the TV whenever I want! (as long as it is three times a week for 4 hours at a time). Sounds great! 

If you do need help on those days, Karen's cell # is 685-2465, and we will get back in touch with you. If anybody wants to offer their own time to sit in the office during the mornings of those days and answer the phone, that would be awesome, please let Karen know.

The Wired Word discussion class will continue for those who like to come in a little early and drink  coffee and talk current events. Class time is 9:15 sharp! (Or something close to that).

This Sunday I will continue a sermon series on the 3-fold office of Jesus Christ, Prophet, Priest, King, with a discussion on Jesus as Priest. The sermon text will be Luke 7:36-8:3.

See you in church!