Pastor's Update, January 8, 2016

posted Jul 12, 2016, 12:05 PM by David Hawkins
Hello Friends!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and were able to dig your way out of our spectacular Blizzard of '15! 

We here at the church are kicking back into high gear for the new year, and we invite you to join us this as get things started. 

First, the men of the church will be breaking all of their New Year's resolutions at once with a hearty men's breakfast at 8:00 on Saturday morning. Join them in their hedonistic debauchery of scrambled eggs. bacon, sausage, and of course, a devotional. 

Then, on Sunday morning, we will start up Sunday School for all ages (9:15 am). The Fellowship Court class will be using a new curriculum called the "The Wired Word", which is a sort of organized 'Hot Topics' conversation-type class. This week will be, "Time Magazine Selects German Chancellor Angel Merkel Person of the Year" (probably due to her stance on immigration, so that should be fun!). Dee Rice will start her 'Feasting on the Word" Bible Study Class the following week in the parlor.

After church, we will also have our first potluck of the new year after church, so bring something warm and comforting to share! 

Choir will jump back into the action after a break from their hard work for the Christmas Cantata (GREAT JOB!!), and we didn't have enough men at rehearsal on Wednesday night, so come prepared to sight read at 10:00 (don't worry, it's really easy).

I'm beginning a new wrinkle in worship this year by including both the Old and New Testament readings. I have until this point stayed away from that in order to focus on the Gospel, but I have been here long enough to have preached through the lectionary gospel passages (my goodness, has it been that long?). 

This year, I'm going to be taking more time to look at the Old Testament, and finding those themes and ideas that connect the Old and New Testaments to each other. This Sunday, I will be looking at Isaiah 43:1-7 and Luke 3:15-17, 21-22focusing on the theme of finding our identity in God. This is especially important as we welcome our newest elder to active service, Brandy Tirey.

I'm looking forward to seeing everybody again after the holidays! Bring your friends, some food for the potluck, and an appetite for the Word of God!