Pastor's Update, 14 July

posted Jul 28, 2016, 11:47 AM by David Hawkins

Just a quick medical update:

As many of you know, Karen and I have been travelling to Lubbock on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to learn how to do dialysis at home. For the most part, the training has been productive and interesting, and it takes place during my normal dialysis treatment sessions (4 hours, 3 times a week). However, for a few of our sessions, my machine didn't work, and I had to be treated 'in the center' which is the main floor at the dialysis clinic in Lubbock. This meant I was on a different machine, and there was no training that day. We lost four training sessions for that reason. 

In addition to the sometimes frustrating mechanical breakdowns, I am being given a new prototype machine which arrived recently in Lubbock, and which has to be run for a certain number of cycles to ensure that there no bugs (mechanical or biological) in it. That process will be finished near the end of July. For all these reasons, the training that I though would be done after the first week of July will probably (hopefully) be done the last week of July. 

We so appreciate the patience and support of the church during this time. My hope is that with home dialysis, I will be able to resume a more normal schedule, one that doesn't intrude too much into work and the need to be available on Saturdays. 

This Sunday, I will be continuing preaching on Amos (8:1-12) and Luke (10:38-42). We will also be commissioning our youth delegates to Youth Triennium,Wiley and Parker, as they get ready to leave for Indianapolis. 

The Sunday School Class will continue their discussion series from the "Wired Word," this week focusing on Brexit/severing relationships.

May God's Peace be with you all,