Church Construction/Maintenance

posted Aug 13, 2011, 4:55 PM by Youth Director
Good News! We're almost done with the hammering and drilling and dust and re-arranging and inconvenience and plumbing and painting and roofing and carpeting and coughing and cleaning up every Saturday morning! We have a brand new Women's restroom with handicap-accessible facilities, as well as a 'unisex/family' style bathroom which is also handicap-accessible (Please knock!). The men's restroom might be out of commission for a few more days, but will be finished with the new tile soon. 

We are on the last few smaller projects, final re-touching of some minor areas, bits and pieces left over from the big stuff. Please come and admire the new office for the Office Administrator -- we can actually fit her copy machine in her office, along with all the paper and equipment that couldn't fit before. We also have a lovely 'conversation space' where I can meet with folks in a room that doesn't feel like the walls are closing in on us. I know the insurance company will be glad to see that there is a window into the room to prevent any inappropriate activity or accusations. I feel safer, and I hope that anybody who comes to talk to me will also feel more comfortable. 

Thanks for all your patience during this project. It's been a big one, long overdue, but well worth the wait.