Worship/Music Team:                                                         

Elder Brandy Tirey: (Bio coming soon!) 

Fellowship Team: 

Glenna Butler: (Bio coming soon!) 

Discipleship Team:    

Robin Sweeney: (Bio coming soon!) 

Outreach & Membership Team: 

Elder Dee Rice: "When I first visited this church, oh so many years ago, I felt welcomed. But more than that I felt accepted, that it was ok if my spiritual journey wasn't exactly like everyone else; that it was ok if my understanding of a scripture didn't match someone else's. Not only was it ok - in many ways it was ENCOURAGED! Today I am blessed to lead an adult Sunday School class where the members teach me each week; to serve on the Worship and Music committee; and to worship with an awesome gathering of God's people. We would love for YOU to join our celebration of God's grace and mercy.

Basic bio info: I have three children, Crystal, Angie and Michael; and two grandchildren, Lizzie and Travis. I am retired, previously working as an office manager and prior to that as a printer. I enjoy reading and volunteering." 

Elder Karen Hawkins: (Bio coming soon!) 

Ministry Team: 

Elder J. R. Garza (Bio coming soon!) 

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Mike Craig: (Bio coming soon!) 

Stewardship/Finance Team:                                              
Elise Adamson (Bio coming soon!) 

Clerk of Session:                                                        

Karen Sandlin: Karen is a lifelong member of the Presbyterian church, having been raised in the Presbyterian faith by her loving parents and her childhood church, FPC, Tulia. Shortly after their marriage, Karen and husband Bruce joined FPC, Plainview. The Sandlins have 2 children, 2 children by marriage, and 6 grandchildren.

    Karen’s musical journey began with piano lessons in the 5th grade and continued until her senior year in high school. During this time, she also received private voice lessons and sang in the church and school choirs. The remainder of her musical training has been received “on the job”. Karen became the church organist on May 1, 1988 as a “temporary solution” to the church having no organist. Always considering herself a pianist, the change to the organ was a challenge.

    Through the church’s loving support and great patience, Karen now considers herself a pianist and an organist [Pastor’s note: a great pianist/organist!]. She also assumed the duties of choir director on January 1, 2007. She loves working with the choir and cherishes the friendships that have developed. Karen feels led by God and the people of the church to offer her talent for God’s work and praise. Karen says music speaks to her soul and is an ever present part of her life. Karen's last Sunday at the organ bench as the Church organist was May 5th. She still, however, blesses the congregation as a substitute when Jim needs a break, and also substitutes for churches around the panhandle. 

[pastor's note: Karen has also been designated "Organist Emeritus" for her many years of dedication and hard work as the organist at First Prebyterian Church, Plainview]